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we are a purpose driven rare plant nursery

Welcome to Wilderly, where we combine our passion for plants with our commitment to preserving our earth’s rainforests.

Our vision is a world where rainforests thrive and flourish, providing essential ecological and social benefits to both present and future generations. We envision a future where rainforests are not only preserved, but also sustainably managed and restored to their natural states, with their biodiversity and ecological integrity fully intact.

We see a world where the rainforests are valued for their intrinsic worth and for the critical role they play in regulating the Earth’s climate, protecting water sources, and providing habitat for countless species of creatures, flora, and fauna. We envision a world where communities living in and around rainforests are empowered and supported to coexist with the forests in a way that respects and enhances their traditional knowledge and way of life, while also benefiting from the many goods and services that the rainforests provide.

Our vision is of a world where rainforest conservation is a global priority, with stakeholders from all sectors working together to address the complex challenges of rainforest preservation. We see a future where rainforests are protected and restored through effective partnerships between governments, nonprofits, private industry, and local communities, leading to a sustainable future for all.



Our Social Purpose Goals

2023 – 2026


Invest 15% of our proceeds in the preservation and restoration of rainforests, through partnerships with conservation organizations that purchase or designate land.


Invest 5% of proceeds into conservation projects that restore endangered species and biomes to sustainable and healthy ecosystems through partnerships with conservation organizations and directly funding preservation projects.


Offset 100% of our carbon footprint through investments and sustainable operating practices.

At Wilderly, we envision a world where the beauty of collecting rare plants and the vitality of rainforests unite in harmony. Our mission transcends beyond being a mere nursery; we are dedicated to cultivating a thriving ecosystem of rare plants while actively driving rainforest preservation and restoration. Together, we plant the seeds of change, fostering a greener tomorrow where vibrant biodiversity and sustainable living flourish hand in hand.

– Desirae, Owner

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